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Pixar vs. Dreamworks

How Now, June COW?

The June episode of Crusty Old Wave is up and available from either COW Central or directly from iTunes (where you can subscribe for free if you haven't already, and thus get every new episode automatically!).

We’re doing something a little different this summer ... sequential episodes! Normally we pick which show tape we’re going to edit/remaster/upload at random, but June’s is episode #73, July will be #74 and August will be #75 in honour of the show’s 18th anniversary (!!!).

Naturally this episode has the same bounty of great 80s music you’ve come to expect, but this one also has a special treat -- a complete Nick Danger adventure from The Firesign Theater! Let iPods everywhere rejoice!

The May Cow is was here!

Just a note for non-Facebook fans ... the May episode of Chas’ Crusty Old Wave came out on June 2nd, and is available for free streaming or downloading from either the COW website or iTunes itself.

This is one of the later episodes and I think the variety of music on it is just great. Man I love that guy!

Star Trek Followup

Where no marketing has gone before:

No, your eyes do not deceive you -- the chevron logo and the Kirk and Spock figures (among others in the package) are printed directly on the food.

Part of a complete (-ly nerdtastic) breakfast.

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